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Many of the following haiku have themes of BDSM and dominance/submission relationships:


The kiss of the whip
feels sweet against my curved back...
Master, i am Yours.


sweat beads on his skin,
a dedication to love
shines bright in his eyes


the blindfold soft - warm...
wrapping tight over his eyes,
he cries out my name


eyes closed - blindfold wet
with tears he can't hold back as
I lick them away

Secret Desire

a heat of passion...
of want - need - love - things we won't
admit in the light


hard heat - maleness - strength -
the touch of his hand is sweet...
he smells like desire


white skin and red blood
a portrait of want fulfilled...
he belongs to me

Night Fantasies

floating on the wings of dream--
conquered by desire


bodies together...
male heat twisted hard thrusting
eager for release


down on your knees, boy...
I see the need in your eyes--
who is your Master?


beauty is his cock
sliding hard - wet - against mine...
a dance of desire

And an unnamed haiku
(inspired by a certain anonymous fandom ^_^):

oh, yes... yes... harder...
Professor, you know my kinks--
call me "dirty boy"


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