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March 28, 2017

The proof copy for Eater of Dreams arrived today!!! I always get so ridiculously excited when I hold a book I've written in my hands. It doesn't ever seem real, not even when I flip through the pages and read random passages, and think to myself, "Hey, I really wrote this."

Can't wait for the book's official release. I'm already about twenty chapters into the third book in the series, which is thrilling me and breaking my heart all at the same time. The next book is going to be a very emotional journey for Kaori and Hunter. Their story makes both my fantasy/adventure-loving heart and my m/m-loving heart very happy. ♥

March 25, 2017

The short stories I've written as prologues to the House of Silence series are now being serialized on the Forbidden Fiction website. These are a series of snapshots detailing the boys' initial meeting with Charon, and some of their earliest experiences inside the House.

Tam's story is up now for reading:

An excerpt from Vincent's story is up now as well:

If you'd like information on the entire anthology of prequel stories, you can find that on my website here:

I believe the plan is to start serializing The House of Silence 3: Consort in May.

I really enjoyed writing in this universe and fell in love with each one of the characters there. It's been a lot of fun taking a look at these stories again. ^_^

Happy reading! :)

March 17, 2017

My m/m fantasy novel Eater of Dreams is almost ready to be released! This is the sequel to my previous fantasy novel, Through the Last Door, although the new book has been written to stand on its own if you haven't had a chance to read the first one. The book details are up on my website here:


Summary: Kaori Sansa has uncovered the truth about Shinja, the Sacred Guardian of Kazure, but the country he is sworn to protect is far from secure. War presses hard from the east, and unrest from within Kazure's borders threatens to undermine what little control he has managed to gain over his subjects. Furthermore, there are those who question his choice in pursuing a relationship with Hunter--quite possibly even those who are closest to him, and whom he has most come to depend upon. Will he find a way to sort through the miasma of lies, violence, and political entanglements that surround him in order to save the country he loves, yet somehow remain true to his own heart?

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