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The Soul Forge
by J.A. Jaken

Novel (150,000 words)
Genre(s): Fantasy/Adventure, M/M Romance

The country of Kazure bows under the shadow of war as the Shindori lords from the east continue to wage their holy crusade. Kaori Sansa, the High Lord of Kazure, is desperately searching for a way to defend his people while he struggles to determine which of the lords in his own country can be trusted to see the war through. Meanwhile, Hunter confronts his inner demons as the horrors of his past come back to haunt him, and he comes face to face with the criminal organization that enslaved him as a child. Both men must fight to uphold their oaths—both to Kazure and to each other—while the forces gathering around them are doing everything in their power to bring them down.

CURRENT STATUS: Available for preorder!
The Soul Forge

The Magician's Apprentice
by J.A. Jaken

Novel (106,000 words)
Genre(s): Fantasy, Romance, M/M

Jander Teregnan has never wanted anything more than to become a mage -- to serve his king and defend his country as he explores his natural talent at commanding the strange force known as magic. Of course every apprentice needs a master, which comes with its own set of challenges... especially when the master he's chosen for himself is none other than Andrei Teresh, personal advisor to the king and master mage of the city of Vallerin.

Andrei, however, has more pressing problems on his mind than dealing with the unsolicited advances of one untrained mage-apprentice. A fierce and merciless army of unknown intentions is sweeping across the land, threatening the security of the kingdom he has sworn to protect. Even worse, dragons -- long thought to have withdrawn from the world of mankind -- are emerging once again and spreading chaos in their wake. Somehow, Jander must find a way to help; not only to prove that he can be of use in the defense of his kingdom and become a mage, but also to secure his place at the side of the man he hopes to claim as master both of his magic and his heart.

CURRENT STATUS: Under contract with publisher and waiting on editing

Pathfinder 2: The Ouroboros Prophecy
by J.A. Jaken

Novel (145,000 words)
Genre(s): Science Fiction, Romance, M/M

A vision drawn from the mind of a dying member of an Outrider clan draws Shai and Lorne back into the city of Nhil-Rhar, where they are pulled into a conspiracy of epic proportions. Pathfinders are having dreams of destruction and chaos, criminal factions are battling openly in the streets, and a mysterious virus has been unleashed in the Agency's computers. On the fringes of it all lurks a dark figure that Shai can sense but not see, a figure that is neither pathfinder nor guide yet somehow-impossibly-more powerful than both. Time is running out, and if he doesn't solve the mystery of the Ouroboros Prophecy, not only his life but the lives of the Outriders and everyone in Nhil-Rhar will be forfeit. (M/M)

CURRENT STATUS: Complete and waiting on final editing

Works In Progress:

The House of Silence: Charon's Story
A Prequel to The House of Silence
Novella In Progress
Genre(s): M/M, Gothic, Erotica

The man who would one day be known as Charon Marque, master and owner of the internationally renowned House of Silence, had at one point been known by a different name. This is the story of his initial arrival at the capital of Khatar and the vast changes his life underwent there. As the penniless son of a hardworking peasant woman, he never expected to become caught up in the intrigue, power play, social maneuvering, and scandal that thrived within Khatar's royal court--or to attract the attentions of a rich, sophisticated older nobleman. (M/M)

  • Read more about the House of Silence series here.

Lost Chance - A Prequel Story to Nicholi's Vengeance
Short Story In Progress (current word count: 12,500)
Genre(s): Fantasy, M/M

Commander Taric gave up Nicki after the invasion of Estruvia because it was good business to do so, but he didn't realize at the time how much he would regret letting the red-haired little cat go. Can a jaded, authoritative soldier find a companion to warm his bed and his heart with, or is he destined to be alone? (M/M)


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